frog song (2005)

When I saw this movie on the Netflix roster, I was intrigued. According to the description, it is a lesbian film from Japan. It is a film, and it is from Japan, but dang-nabbit, Frog Song ain’t no lesbian film! Apparently this is a film of the pinku genre, which is like Japanese art-house porn. It’s got an interesting story, I guess, and some good acting, but the whole premise and way it was shot weaves a kind of sorrow-ful lesbian-until-fucked-by-the-right-guy kind of tale.

The story is about a woman, Akemi, who leaves her cheating husband and kind of falls in love becomes friends with a prostitute, who specializes in sleeping with Johns who be-little and beat the shit out of her. Yeah. You guessed it. This movie is basically rape porn.

I’m not really sure how this made it to the G&L section. There are no moments of homo-intimacy that go beyond “really good friends, you guys!” and there’s definitely no lesbian loving. The whole frog-costume thing is cute, but I’d rather have it on a pencil case then a device in a creepy misogynistic flick parading as a rare lesbian gem from Japan.

I really wish this was a bon-a-fide lesbian film in which the main characters actually did hook up. It lacks the kind of terrible writing and sapphic sappiness that infiltrates most L films (back me up, sistas!) and were there some hot girl on girl action, maybe the non-rapey hetero porn scenes would be acceptable. But alas it isn’t. And there’s very little about the sex scenes in this film that is acceptable. It was actually pretty disturbing.



Couldn’t find a trailer for this one, folks, but if you want to be disgusted further, check out the original Japanese cover image featured on the Frog Song Wikipedia page. Ugh.


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