we have to stop now (2009)

Don’t say I never did anything for you.  It took me nearly three hours to watch an hour and change of the first season of the web series We Have to Stop Now.  I nearly exhausted my beer rations in the first sixty minutes, had a nervous breakdown over a Facebook message my ex sent me in the next, but by the last third had grown so accustomed to the prehistoric Internet connection offered to me courtesy of Extended Stay America, I couldn’t imagine watching an Instant Netflix selection any other way. That’s right readers.  I’m writing you from the cozy suburbs of Dublin, Ohio where I will be for the next month and Daddy got some time on his hands.  Bring on the lonely nights!

So I’m not quite sure how many episodes compose a season of We Have to Stop Now, but I will encourage you not to.  This little sucker really grows on you!  Despite the shoestring budget and unfortunate sound quality, the actors and premise are really quite charming.  Here’s the deal: a couple of married dyke therapists, Kit and Dyna, have written a best-selling relationship manual – but truth be told, they could use a dose of their own medicine.  So they’re in therapy with Susan (played by super loveable Suzanne Westenhoefer who I saw on some Oxygen special years ago and have had a soft spot for since) and it’s bumpy to say the least.  No point to plot points here  – it’s a serial.  Basically, Kit’s an alpha, Dyna’s a neurotic, and Susan got benched when her lady left her for a dude.  We can all relate.  Sure they’re loaded yuppies.  Bottom line: everybody’s got feelings.  Sample dialogue:

Dyna: And I think just because you feel it doesn’t mean you have to say it.

Kit: That’s intimacy.

Dramatic pause.

Dyna: No, sometimes it’s abuse.

I don’t know about you, but I learned something.  Other highlights: everyone gets an A+ in the tits department and there’s an awesome stoner sister named Cindy who’s always hanging around the house getting high and saying wisdoms.  These people are fun.  And they made me forget for just a few hours that my rent check is probably going to bounce.

It’s good to be queer in the midwest.  So take a load off, drink a Bud and enjoy an evening of gay sedative.  You won’t be disappointed.  Promise.

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  1. Jess Barbagallo said:

    I have erred. Dyna is the alpha and Kit is the neurotic. I apologize and will work harder to be a better reviewer.

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