Monthly Archives: December 2011

UPDATE: This movie has been removed from Netflix Instant!!! It is still available if you get DVDs delivered. Sorry y’all.

A straight (but not narrow) dude, a slutty gay boy, his douche-bag friend, and a poor-man’s Chloe Sevigny take to the streets on Halloween in Frisco. A drawn out non-plot and really washed out pretty scenes take place over the course of the 74 minutes of The Lost Coast, and the payoff is so-so. But if you’ve got little to lose on a Wednesday night, this might be a fine choice.

This is like a road movie without the road, a party movie without the party. It’s characters are bored and disappointed and so am I, a little bit. But alas, this film is PRETTY. And what self-respecting gay guy doesn’t love a good ole straight best friend hookup every now and then?

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