the lost coast (2008)

UPDATE: This movie has been removed from Netflix Instant!!! It is still available if you get DVDs delivered. Sorry y’all.

A straight (but not narrow) dude, a slutty gay boy, his douche-bag friend, and a poor-man’s Chloe Sevigny take to the streets on Halloween in Frisco. A drawn out non-plot and really washed out pretty scenes take place over the course of the 74 minutes of The Lost Coast, and the payoff is so-so. But if you’ve got little to lose on a Wednesday night, this might be a fine choice.

This is like a road movie without the road, a party movie without the party. It’s characters are bored and disappointed and so am I, a little bit. But alas, this film is PRETTY. And what self-respecting gay guy doesn’t love a good ole straight best friend hookup every now and then?

The big flaw with this film is that said hookup is the only source of dramatic tension. Not everyone that’s had a one-time gay encounter is so broken up about it they need 74 minutes of dim lighting and “acting” to deal with it. As the film unraveled  and I realized that all the shifty glances and awkward hugging was due to this potentially intense hookup, I kinda checked out.

I also can’t really comment on the film’s accurate or inaccurate representation of the city by the bay. Any Friscan’s wanna weigh in (leave a comment)? Judging by this film, San Fran has a population of about 500 hippies that all get together for one or two lame street party a year and reside in unnecessarily sprawling and inaccessible neighborhoods. It seems like the characters in this film walk for fucking ever. Ain’t they got any busses out west? And more walk time, means more talk time. Get ready for some processing, confrontation, avoidance and then yes, more processing.

I’ve never taken quaaludes before, but I think that this film simulated the experience pretty well.


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