the stranger in us (2010)

Good news for you: my boyfriend moved to California, so I’ll be watching a lot more homoflix (and eating) to cope with the loneliness. What better place to start than a movie that purports to deal with San Francisco, hustling and domestic abuse? The Stranger In Us was just the ticket for my overworked, under-cuddled state, and not only is it the first gay guy, non-MO CLASSIC movie to be dubbed FULL ‘MO, but it also introduces PHAGAMONES, a new category that reps gay dudes doing stereotypically nasty gay things.

The best part about this film for me was Raphael Barker playing lost-soul Anthony. I know I’d seen him before in Shortbus, fucking that chick against a glass door, but never realized that he looks just like my boyf, only with more manicured eyebrows! So I can safely say that my slight approval of this film is heavily influenced.

So I liked it. Honestly, I’m kind of in love with all of the unwieldy performances, and with the general idea of being alone in a city and dealing with shit. Still can’t get past the whole hustler druggie thing, but what can you do? Dear Gay Directors, My Own Private Idaho happened. And it was great. Stop re-inventing the queer wheel.

Writer/director Scott Boswell did his best, despite operating with such low-stakes dramatic devices. I actually found myself half-compelled and half-confused (the timeline of this film jumps around a lot, and the little chapter titles in that shitty font don’t help). This movie’s like Quantum Leap minus the raw hotness of a young Scott Bakula, plus some beautiful dialogue.


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