weekend (2011)

Hi. You probably didn’t notice, but a few months ago, homoflix slid off the face of the earth in a poof of sparkle and santorum, but now we’re back, astroglidden and ready to rock once more. What better way to ring in the new year, Chinese or otherwise, than with an understated, Brit flick about a one-night stand turned lovey dovey? Yes, ladies, you too can Grind(r) your way to love. Weekend proves it… then shits on it.

Before we dive in, I must issue an important warning. I hesitated to put the FOREIGN label on this film. It is technically “foreign” as it was made ‘cross the pond, but it’s in English, and the FOREIGN category is really for films that require some kind of translation. These people are definitely speaking my language, but they still get the title because boy do they mumble! I had my MacBook’s speakers cranked up to full blast, and I could barely make out one flirtatious British murmur. These blokes share a lot of things with us during the course of this film, but not their voices. I strongly advice getting some speakers or get some headphones ready before settling in to this one. Seriously. You’re gonna think it’s fine and then 10 minutes in, you’re gonna have to put your dick down and get those $99 Altec-Lansing speaks your mom got you for christmas in college from your storage nook. Oh yeah. Did I mention that there’s GAY SEX in this film? And jizz!? JIZZ!!!!

This 2011 international film-festival smash hit tells the story of two smart and sexy fags who drunkenly meet in a gay club, fuck, document each other in arty ways, and then are torn apart by fate or wanderlust or whatever. The details don’t really matter, the processing is what counts. And this film’s got a ton of it! In fact, the actual actions that are being processed in this film only occupy a small percentage of it’s overall modest 97 min. run time. Throw in some escapist drug use and you’ve got a rare gem that qualifies as both PHAGAMONES and LESBIOCHEMISTRY. A diamond in the scruff, if you will.

Andrew Haigh is responsible for the writing, directing and editing of Weekend, which trump not only those of all gay relationship films, but those of all relationship films. There’s nothing sappy or formulaic going on here. Simple premise, great script, brilliant performances (from two hot newbs, Tom Cullen and Chris New). And bonus : there’s no overwhelming hetero presence that makes you feel g’ashamed. The two main ‘mos are alone together in almost every scene, being all gay and talking about being gay and gaying it up and jizzing.

I think the crowning achievement of Weekend is brilliant use of tracks by John Grant – the hairier, moodier version of me – which I obviously approve of.

1 comment
  1. first of all, “put your dick down”.
    second of all, altec-lansing.
    third of all, “diamond in the scruff”.
    this is brills.

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