Ah J-Ho. You couldn’t have said it better.

We’ve loved helping you navigate the Instant section on Netflix, but it’s recently come to our attention that Netflix Instant movies, EXPIRE! That means, we review a movie (like Surge of Power: The Stuff of Heroes) and by the time you’ve gotten drunk enough on Malibu and made sure your roomates are nowhere to be found, it’s GONE. Also, there’s so goddamn few homoflix out there, we really can’t afford to limit our scope to one proprietary movie service (and Netflix never responded to our sponsorship request… thanks, bitches). Also also, we just wanna be able to write more cool awesome stuff for you. So…


There. Please to enjoy now.

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xo J + C

Listen. We’ve been there.

You’re bored. Lonely. It’s late. For some reason your social calendar drew a blank and here you are, at home. Ready to toast the very community you are simultaneously isolating yourself from by watching a film or TV show from the “Gay & Lesbian” section on Netflix Instant.

You know the pickin’s are slim, but you need a fix. So you take a risk.

But then… Aw snap! Stuck with watching Kevin Smith look bored for two hours even though you were promised a “Romantic Gay & Lesbian Movie” praised by one Netflix reviewer as having “urban reality” and “heart.”


Well those days are numbered cuz you’ve got a friend in your corner now. On homoflix, we’ll break down the petty selection of lgbt films on Netflix and let you know what you’re really in store for. No simple rating system. No “suggestions.” And no dumb-ass hetero reviewers relating to the “universal love story” of films like Happy Together or the disarming and desexualizing comedy of Kissing Jessica Stein.

Your computer screen glow has never looked less depressing.