homoflix was created by Chris Giarmo and Jess Barbagallo.

Jess Barbagallo is a Bushwick-based homo interested in confusing pronouns and keeping it real. After watching Kissing Jessica Stein, she came out to her college roommate. After watching By Hook or By Crook, he recued the climactic sex scene between Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn several times in isolation. Jess is a lover of gay film, take-out and their dog Bluet.

Chris Giarmo is a homo artist and designer living in Queens with his boo and his giant cat, Ponce. He’s obsessively watched and re-watched such gay classics as Parting Glances, Poison and Overboard. He also has a photographic memory for female stand-up comedy routines, and bitch will correct you if you misquote Mo’nique in his presence.

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